Asha's history is as complex as the natures of her three separate auras. The Wraith, the Nu'anae and Asha's own personality are in a constant struggle for control, making her both potentially unstable to those around her and powerfully dangerous to her enemies. Solitude and independence are her only true allies as she maintains a strict adherence to her people's rules of nonexistence, until one brash and arrogant Trexen, with a past and aura just as complex, threatens bring her ordered world crashing down around her with the offer of liberation.

Appears in:

  • Whispers From Exile
  • Tracing The Stars

Race/Origin: Vesparian 

Relations: Sister - Orynn

Gender: Female  Occupation:

Central Agent 

Age: 388 

Height: 5' 8" 

Eye Color: Silver 

Hair Color: Goldspun Blonde 

Quote: "If you call me babe one more time, you will spend the rest of your days thinking you are a six-year-old girl who likes to wear flowery pink dresses and attend tea parties" 


  • Evanescence - Good Enough (Asha)
  • Bjork - Army of Me (Wraith)
  • Marie Digby - What I've Done (Nu'anae Rapture)