Brel Sallis was designed as an experimental project by one of Central's top Mechatronic engineers and previous head of Section Twelve, Xavier Sallis. Serving under Jhonis Eros on board the Telasari, his first encounter with Orynn causes a shift in his system and leads him on a new exploration of what exists beyond his Mechatronic constructs. His influence on Orynn's life is just as strong and they develope an unbreakable bond of friendship. 

Appears in:

  • Ghost In The Machine
  • To Even Have Dreams

Race/Origin: Mechatronic Automaton, Corwint 

Designer: Xavier Sallis 

Gender: Male 

Occupation: Central Agent 

Deceased (56)

Height: 6' 6" 

Eye Color: Gold (Metalic) 

Hair Color: Blonde 

Quote: "Promise not to make me put on one of Elisen's dresses and sing 'My Love is Like a Ruisk In Musk' while standing on a mess hall table?" 

Soundtrack: Joshua Radin - When You Find Me