At 42, Brom is still in the youthful prime of his Orellian years. Easy going, caring and loyal, Brom will always have your back and follow you into the thick of the fight, if his large muscular frame can make it through the door. An expert with weapons and explosives, he has been serving the Zera for 23 years, and he has no plans on asking for a transfer any time soon. Good or bad, he wants to remain loyal to Jhonis's wish for him to look after Hank and Tara

Appears in:

  • Ghost In The Machine
  • Whispers From Exile
  • Tracing The Stars

Race/Origin: Orell (Father) / Corwint (Mother) 

Gender: Male 

Occupation: Weapons and Explosives Tech, Central Agent 

Age: 42 

Height: 6' 3" 

Eye Color: Hazle 

Hair Color: Bald 

Unique physical traits: Like all Orellians, Brom's skin is made up of tiny orange scales that have a slight sheen and offer protection from extreme environments. He also lacks any body hair. 

Quote: "Have a seat, T. I want to tell you a story." 

Soundtrack: Johnny Cash - Won't Back Down