Corwint is the home planet of the Central Agency and its governing Central Council .

Physical Properties

The planet itself is comprised of 85% salt water, one major land mass continent and several smaller land islands, thought this was not always the case. In its history, Corwint has undergone significant physical changes due to an unstable relationship with the yellow giant star which serves as the solar system's sun. This unstable relationship has resulted in several polar shifts, the most recent once occurring eighteen-hundred years prior to current date (1453ot) and having resulted in the loss of both polar caps. 

Corwint's main landmass is comprised of six mega-cities, the two largest being Easton and Weston, each rooted along the coastal region for which they are correspondingly named. Easton is the capitol city of Corwint, and it is the home city of the Central Agency headquarters and the Central Council administrative buildings. 

The continent is divided nearly in half between east and west by the Midland River, which is two miles wide at its narrowest point and more than twelve miles wide at its widest point. For approximately nine-hundred miles east-west from either bank is an area of unstable electromagnetic fields which contributes to the area's lack of technology. The majority of those who choose to live in the Midlands live completely without technology, and many are against the idea of technology.    


Corwint is a multicultural melting pot, being one of the most diversely populated planets in the known systems, with its mostly peaceful history leading it to becoming a sought safe haven for many other races. The approximate population of six-hundred and twenty million is comprised of 59% Corwint native, 18% Hedarion, 12% Mechatronic Automaton 9% Orellian and 2% other. Until recent changes in Mechatronic law due to the Nodra Mechatronic Rights Act of 1420ot, the Mechatronic Automaton population was kept to a strictly monitored 10% of total population, but this regulation was removed when Mecha were deemed individuals.