Corwint Central refers to both the Central Council, which governs the affairs of Corwint and its affiliated planetary systems, and the Central Agency, a government body of research, exploration, security and enforcement divisions.


The Central Council is a democratically elected group of twenty-eight officials who collectively govern the affairs of Corwint and its affiliated planetary systems, including Hedari, Orell and Thars. Each member on the Council has an equal say and vote in the administration, and a two-thirds majority is required to pass any law or act. Each official serves a term of twelve years and may not be reelected. The Council does not have the final say in all matters regarding Corwint Governance. They must also report to, gain approval from and take the advancement of several division agencies within Central.

Central Security Agency Edit

The Central Security Agency, and its secret operative branches, are responsible for maintaining and enforcing peace, treaties, laws and the protection of all planetary systems that fall within Corwint's jurisdiction. The Agency is divided into fifty-two managing Directors who report to the Council and who each oversees a number of Central Agents. 

Central Research and DevelopmentEdit

The Central R&D division has access to the top science labs available and oversee the development, administration and protection of scientific advancement. The department is divided internally under several different research focus departments, including Mechatronic Engineering, Hydrofusion Energy and Propulsion, Defense Technologies, Medical Sciences, Environmental Sciences and the new Mecha-Organo Sciences. 

Section TwelveEdit

Section Twelve is the top-secret echelon of the Central R&D, Central Agency and the Central Council. It maintains autonomy and often has the final say in Central maters. The current Director of Section Twelve is Dr. Jacob Nodra, creator of the Nodra M.A. Rights Act of 1420ot.