Crissandra is the last of her tribe and possibly the last of her entire race. Born of the Ona-na-yedawe tribe on Thetos, she grew up in a small fishing village before a group of raiders stole her and sold her into slavery. Using the mental gifts of her race, she healed the wounds of her Master's gang and charmed his patrons into emptying their credit purses. Given a chance at freedom by the most unlikey of encounters, Cris finds herself surrounded by Xen'dari rebels and a tall Trexen mountain while she trying to escape the persuit of her previous Master. 

Appears in:

  • Unbound Instinct

Race/Origin: Thetos Therosian

Gender: Female

Occupation: Slave 

Age: 23

Height: 5' 5" 

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: Brown 

Quote: “It’s only when someone shows you another way that you realize you can live uncollared and without fear.”

Soundtrack: Passenger - For You