Emry of house Vruisa'kye is the sister of Yiazra Vruisa'kye and Larx Truiskya . The youngest sibling, Emry has had her fair share of practice at raising her voice, forming witty retorts and giving a piece of her mind to anyone who crosses her. Emry currently works at her brother's club, Dead Star, on the Chronos One space station. 

Appears in:

  • Ghost In The Machine
  • Whispers From Exile

Race/Origin: Ruisk

House: Vruisa'kye 

Siblings: Larx Truiskya and Yiazra Vruisa'kye

Gender: Female 

Occupation: Waitress, Chronos One 

Age: 26 

Height: 6' 0" 

Eye Color: Jade Green 

Hair Color: Brown and Black 

Quote: Men. No stomach for the fun shit.

Soundtrack: Katie Noonan - Crazy