Ethan Greyson was the final experimental project of the well known Mechatronics Engineering genius, Dr. Marcus Greyson. Ethan has served on board the Zera for the past thirty-four years and the technical specialists, serving first under Jhonis Eros and now under Hankarron Eros II

Appears in:

  • Ghost In The Machine
  • Whispers From Exile
  • Tracing The Stars
  • To Even Have Dreams

Race/Origin: Mechatronic Automaton, Corwint 

Designer: Marcus Greyson 

Gender: Male 

Occupation: Technician, Central Agent 


Height: 6' 10" 

Eye Color: Blue 

Hair Color: Blue 

Quote: "...And define 'plug in'." 

Soundtrack: Peter Gabriel - My Body Is A Cage