Jarsen Xentosi has been a Central Agent for twenty-three years, the majority of that time serving under Director Jehdra Szina for her Outer Rim team. Jarsen is able to shift seamlessly into any role called for by his assignment, making him a skilled agent for covert missions and long-term opperations. Spending his first thirteen years as a solo agent, the idea of being partnered with an inexperienced seventeen-year-old Gryph Weston didn't sit well with him at first. Ten years later and the two are inseperable, and Jarsen does his best to look out for the kid as if he were his own son.  

019256092 Young attractive brunette twenties caucasian man

Appears in:

  • Whispers From Exile

Race/Origin: Thars

Gender: Male 

Occupation: Maintenance Crew, Chronos One (cover), Central Agent for Jehdra Szina's Outer Rim team 

Age: 42 

Height: 6' 5" 

Eye Color: Brown 

Hair Color: Black 

Quote: "Your first mistake was believing what was in the brochure"

Soundtrack: Fun - Some Nights