Jehdra Szina is a Director for the Corwint Central Agency and currently oversees the missions of several agent teams, including Hank Eros 's team on the Zera, Charles Brogan's team on the Blue Yonder and the Outer Rim team which includes Orynn , Jarsen Xentosi, Gryph Weston and Torque Kraston. Respected by her peers and her agents, Jehdra is rumored to have a soft-spot for disfunctional agents. 


Appears in:

  • Ghost In The Machine
  • Whispers From Exile
  • Tracing The Stars
  • To Even Have Dreams
  • According To Plan

Race/Origin: Hedarion

Gender: Female 

Occupation: Central Director 

Age: 63 

Height: 4' 3" 

Eye Color: Completely Black (Natural Hedarions have no iris, pupil or whites) 

Hair Color: Red 

Quote: "I am not questioning the success of the mission, Ethan. I am questioning the burning trail of disemboweled space stations, collapsed buildings, wrecked vessels, and ruined highly expensive equipment Captain Eros and his crew always leaves in their wake!"