Born blind due to a genetic defect caused by her mixed parentage, Jennadri Szina relys on Mechatronic ocular implants that don't always work as intended. Like her mother, Jennadri is a fiery tempered redhead who comes out swinging and has no problem jumping into the thick of things to save the asses of her fellow agents, even if she can't always see where she is jumping. 

Appears in:

  • Tracing The Stars
Race/Origin: Hedari / Corwint cross 

Relationships: Father: Trenton Mathis , Mother: Jehdra Szina

Gender: Female 

Occupation: Central Agent 

Age: 26

Height: 5' 2" 

Eye Color: blue-green, Mechatronic implants

Hair Color: Red 

Quote: "Just because I can’t see you doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass, peach.”

Soundtrack: Christina Perry - Arms