Mechatronic Automaton, or Mecha, refers to the race of mechanical constructs resulting from the Mechatronic Engineering sciences of Corwint. 


In the early stages of Mechatronic Engineering, nine-hundred years prior to current date, Mecha were created as single task robotic assistants to aid Organic (non-mechanical) Corwint citizens and corporations. The earliest Mecha were made primarily of bronze and tin, while current Mecha are made from titanium and a graphene composite wrap and have synthetic flesh to make them appear as Organic as possible. Early Mecha were seen as lifeless property, owned by the manufacturer or purchaser. The recent Nodra Mechatronic Automaton (M.A.) Rights Act of 1420ot redefined Mecha as a self-aware and separate race of individuals, deserving of equal rights under law and not the property of another living being. 


Though recognized as free individuals, Mecha continue to struggle for full and equal representation and acceptance. Several planets, including Kilari, forbid Mecha. The Xen'dari Empire has deemed the M.A. Rights Act invalid within its claimed territories, and the Empire continues to treat and classify Mecha as mechanical equipment that must be owned by an Organic master. Though most Mechatronic factories have shut down due to strict regulation on Mechatronic use, namely being that Mecha must now be paid wages, a select number of factories still exist and are primarily run by Mecha, creating some Mecha for specific task specifications. The manufacturing of Mecha is now primarily done on an individual basis by smaller labs, such as the Central Mechatronics Division, and Mecha themselves.


Mechatronic Engineering is still an evolving field on Corwint, and new advances continue to be made in the search for the creation of a Mechatronic being that is able to both appear and relate more like its original Organic creators. There is also a growing field in Mecha-Organo Engineering, in which Mechatronics are used in the repair and enhancement of Organic individuals. Though highly regulated out of fear of abuse, there are several proponents for its advancement and the Central Agency has a full lab devoted to its development.