Nikkandri Scolara (Nikki / Charity) has been on the run since losing her father at age twelve to a Central mission gone horribly wrong. In and out of trouble, she applied her technical genius and intelligence to hacking bank accounts, completing odd jobs for less than reputable clients and trying to survive one day at a time. A contracted job sets her up and the Ruisk, Yiazra Vruisa'kye, she was sent to rob has other ideas. Fast friends, Nikki and Yiazra became business partners and best friends. Swearing to follow the crazy Ruisk anywhere, Nikki had no idea that promise would land her as a servant to the First Commander of the Xen'dari fleet, Jarren Xarxes Eros. With a new nickname given to her by Jarren, Charity lives each day looking after Yiazra and waiting for the chance to take back their freedom while at the same time continuing to look over her shoulder, waiting for the day when her past will catch up with her.

Appears in:

  • Whispers From Exile
  • Tracing The Stars

Race/Origin: Hedari / Trexen cross

Gender: Female 

Occupation: Endentured servant 

Age: 25 

Height: 4'3"

Eye Color: Completly black

Hair Color: Black, jaw length 

Quote: “We may be whores in bondage, but we look out for each other. It’s about the only thing that keeps us from jumping off the damn balconies.” Soundtrack: Madilyn Braily - Titanium