he Nodra Mechatronic Automaton (M.A.) Rights Act of 1420ot (or Nodra M.A. Rights Act) was created by Dr. Jacob Nodra, a Mechatronic Engineer specializing in Mechatrong Pyscoanlysis and Organic Relations. This act outlined the currently recognized definition of a Mechatronic Automaton as a self-aware, individual being who is equal under the law of Corwint and its alliance systems, and subject to all dues, responsibilities, punishments and rights outlined therein. Under the act, no being, Organic or Mechatronic, may be owned by or sold by another as an object of property or trade, and all previously existing property ownership was dissolved. 


  • Dr. Jacob Nodra, M.A. Engineering
  • Dr. Val Brunsen, M.A. Organic Relations
  • Varken Zeal, Law 
  • Central Mechatronics Division
  • Hedari Council of Tra’jna and the United Coalition of Hedari, Thars and Orell

Implementation, Arguments and AppealsEdit

Though widely accepted in the United Coalition systems and fully adopted by all coalition planets by 1424ot, the M.A. Rights Act is not without its countermeasures. The Xen'dari Empire created the Tao’Xiadra in 1421ot, a set of laws which defined the requirements for being labeled a “living being” and a "sentient being". Non “living beings” were deemed abominations and without rights, including Mechatronic Automatons. Kilari followed in 1423 by banning Mecha from their planet with the Protection of Organic Stability Act, though many believe this act was more to appease the Xen'dari Empire, with which the Kilari maintain an arrangement of neutrality.

There have been several appeals brought forth on Corwint, the most recent being the Organic Business Protection act, which failed to pass the two-thirds majority after being struck down by Section Twelve.