Rule two - Vesparians do not exist, but allow existence to move around them. For an empathic race that is not supposed to exist, Orynn has a difficult time keeping herself from creating connections with others, despite her people's rules against it. Constantly dealing with an internal battle between the Rapture of her heart and the genetically engineered Wraith within her mind, she tries to keep others at a safe distance while her aura draws them in.

Appears in:
  • Ghost In The Machine
  • Whispers From Exile
  • Tracing The Stars
  • To Even Have Dreams

Race/Origin: Vesparia 

Gender: Female 

Occupation: Tactical Relations, Central Agent 

Age: 214 

Height: 5' 5" 

Eye Color: Silver 

Hair Color: White 

Quote: Adonae tu. Solukae noyai - There is no going back. There is only moving forward. 


  • Sarah McLachlan - Do What You Have To Do (Orynn)
  • Fever Ray - If I Had a Heart (Wraith)
  • Evanescence - My Heart Is Broken (Nu'anae Rapture)