Trip 'Wild Fists' Weston got his lastname as an orphan in the city of Weston, his first name because his feet grew faster than the rest of him and his middle name because he could knock out his opponents before they even saw him coming. Fighting started as a survival skill in the routy, harsh reality of Weston's Child Care Services system. When someone noticed he was actually good at it, he was put into a ring and told to fight to earn his keep. A Hedarion who saw one of his fights introduced him to the sport of Runata'ji, Hedarion Honor Fighting. With training, a new ethic and the guidance of the Hedarion culture, Trip made a name for himself and became the most decorated Runata'ji fighter of his time. It brought fame, fortune and a whole different set of problems - friends that weren't friends and women who had more interest in his wallet than his heart.

Appears in:

  • Tracing The Stars

Race/Origin: Corwint 


Gender: Male 

Occupation: Runata'ji Fighter 

Age: 27 

Height: 6' 3" 

Eye Color: Light Blue 

Hair Color: Blonde 

Quote: I don’t mix words, beat around bushes and I don’t run. 

Soundtrack: Shinedown - Simple Man