Established in 653ot as a joint effort between the Corwint Central agency and the Vesparian Sisterhood , the Vestrasa Project, also known as the Skipping Stones Initiative, is a secret observational project in which those marked as Vestrasa are documented, recorded and protected from outside influence in the hopes of preventing any faction from controlling them or "directing the stones".

Vestrasa are individuals with unique auras that can be recognized by Vesparians and trained Trexens, and who have a strong influence on the momentum and causality of the universe. Vestrasa are known in many cultures from Orell to Thars to Thetos and are known as many different names from legend. Vestrasa move through the universe often unaware of their own gravity and affect everything around them. They are a necessary part of the fabric of the universe, as they cause the shifts and ripples required for the story of life to continue moving forward. Even when the Vestrasa has been placed outside of the path of existence, such as by death or exile, whispers of their previous effects continue to cause changes in the lives they have touched. The gravity of their aura is so strong, that they touch countless lives through the actions they have caused in others. The effects of their existence is unpredictable. Sometimes, it can lead to great and wondrous changes in the universe. Other times, it can lead to disaster. We never know which, and despite the efforts of some, it is impossible to control.